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Our Values

Our values drive what we do as a church.  It is our aim to uphold our values in each ministry, each service, and in the lives of every member of our church.


1.  We value being a Biblically faithful and culturally relevant church.

2.  We value connecting people in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that imitates His actions and the intentions of His heart.

3.  We value creating a Christ-centered community that builds people through relationships


4.  We value empowering people to use their gifts and talents in service to others.

5. We value strengthening the family in order to impart a Godly legacy of integrity and excellence into current and future generations.


6. We value operating in integrity, authenticity, and transparency in our church.


7. We value being excellent stewards over every resource that God has placed into our care.


8. We value spreading the message of Jesus Christ through our personal witness and everyday lives.


9. We value planting new Biblically faithful and culturally relevant churches to reach other communities throughout Hampton Roads and beyond.

10. We value meeting the spiritual and physical needs in our community and beyond.

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